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The Red Sash

Artist Paul Steucke


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The Red Sash

by Paul Steucke

Reporting to the upper class Cadet in the red sash is the momentous first step for recruits entering the Army's Military Academy at West Point, NY. It is the beginning of an arduous training program designed to mold young students into officers. Every person who has reported and taken the Oath of Allegiance on the Plain will remember that day. They are not the first and they will not be the last in a long gray line. Those that have been here before watch proudly as each new student reports to the red sash. This is where it starts.

The Academy is not an easy school. Students right out of high school come to the Academy to fill the ranks of what will become the new freshman class, the Plebes. They arrive on "Reception Day" to report for three months of training that is aptly referred to as "Beast Barracks."

Mental and physical burdens are placed upon each individual by upper class Cadets to determine if they can take the stress. It is a prerequisite for any officer who must make leadership decisions in battle, an essential part of training. The ghosts from left to right are: 1820 Army Officer; Captain United States Civil War (1860); a Viet Nam war Captain; WWI "dough boy"; 1890 Cadet; and a WWII Captain.

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