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Front Row Seats

Artist Ross Buckland

Front Row Seats<p>Artist Ross Buckland
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Front Row Seats

Lt. Robin Olds and his wingman, Lt. Harold F. “Bud” Grenning, roar over beachhead bluffs in a turn back out to sea. Flying air cover for the Allied Fleet and D-Day invasion force, pilots of the 434th Fighter Squadron, 479th Fighter Group, were to protect the sea and beaches from Luftwaffe attacks. Flying through the intense exchange of Allied and German ground fire, the pilots passed over waves of landing craft and the deadly chaos of the invasion beaches. They had front row seats to an incredible panorama of destruction.

Personally autographed by Brig. General Robin Olds, Harold F. “Bud” Grenning and Col. Arthur F. Jeffrey, Commander of the 434th and the flight leader for this D-Day mission.

Limited Edition of 1000, Signed & numbered by the Artist

Size: 27˝" x 14"