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The Duel On Yew Ridge

Artist Don Stivers

The Duel On Yew Ridge<p>Artist Don Stivers
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The Duel On Yew Ridge

Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered: 1000

Size: 16" x 25"

By noon, June 9, 1863 at the Battle of Brandy Station, Virginia, a rebel brigadier was skillfully orchestrating a rear-guard action, holding off the anxious Union troopers about Yew Ridge. In the whirling maelstrom a young Yankee captain named Wesley Merritt boldly galloped up to the big officer, and with the point of his saber, demanded his surrender. The Confederate took a cut at Merritt nearly decapitating him. Merritt would soon rise to brigadier himself. The southerner he tried unsuccessfully to capture was W. H. F. "Rooney" Lee, son of Robert E. Lee.

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