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Airborne, At Sea

Artist Keith Ferris

Airborne, At Sea<p>Artist Keith Ferris
Item# AVI1009

Product Description

Airborne, At Sea By Keith Ferris

Flight Sub-Lieutenant Stuart D. Culley in his Sopwith 2F.1 Camel is just airborne after a five foot run on the deck of a barge being towed at approximately 35 knots by the destroyer HMS Redoubt in the North Sea. It is 11 August 1918 and Culley?s mission is to intercept Zeppelin L.53 which is approaching the British fleet at an altitude above 18,000 feet. After an hour?s climb, Culley destroyed L.53 which was to become the last Zeppelin lost during World War I. Culley returned to the Redoubt, landed along side and was recovered with the aircraft.

Limited Edition of 750, Signed & Numbered by the Artist

Image Size: 18" x 13.5"